It's a great and rewarding pleasure to know that my books are read abroad.


My debut picture book, Cedric wants to be an only child, was published in Auzou’s best-selling collection. Thus, the French version of my groundhog story could go to Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland…


Thanks to my publishers, some of my books even get represented in major International Book Fairs in South Korea, Taiwan, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Mexico, India, United Arab Emirates, China and Russia!


Bottine, the character I created for a French major children’s magazine sailed over the world, bringing me back pictures from young readers, from NY to Pisa, Italy.


But now, I’m even more thrilled: Imagine! My stories and games have been translated in 14 foreign languages such as English, Spanish (for Spain, Colombia and Mexico!), Catalan, Portuguese, Dutch, Ukrainian, Polish, Greek, Russian, Slovak, Croatian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese and have travelled across 4 continents! Awesome! :-)

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